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Scion iM:Toyota Corolla Hatchback in US Market

Scion iM Concept Car Sneak Peek

Scion is going to debut the iM concept car in next week’s LA auto show. Today, Toyota gave us a sneak peak of this new model badged with the one and only, Scion brand.


Toyota previously sold the Corolla hatchback version in the US market under the “Matrix” model name. However, Toyota decided to pull the plug after the 2013 model year, due to declining sales. We get it since we all know US consumers aren’t big fans of hatchbacks, right?

In fact Europeans likes hatchbacks more than folks in the US, therefore Toyota is selling the latest hatchback version of the Corolla, called the “Toyota Auris” in Europe...

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2015 Toyota Camry Earned Top Safety Pick PLUS

2015 Toyota Camry: What Does the Top Safety Pick+ mean?

Since the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) introduced the small overlap crash test back in August 2012, Toyota/Lexus has been struggling with this tough challenge for two years.

According to IIHS’s requirement, if a car does NOT perform well in the small overlap crash test, it will not earn the “Top Safety Pick+” rating. And this has been a major block for many Toyota/Lexus vehicles to get this rating.


Although Toyota has put in some effort previously, which made the 2014 Highlander  to be rated as the “Top Safety Pick+”, its small overlap testing result is still not the best, which only gets an “Acc...

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BMW and Toyota Joint Sports Car Project Reaches Concept Phase

What are BMW & Toyota up to?

BMW and Toyota are currently working together, but better yet, they’re working on producing a midsize sports car. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please check out our previous article about this amazing project.

Most of us think that Toyota is pretty good at making cars for the average Joe, the nine to fiver, essentially taking people from point A to point B. However, Toyota is really good at making sports cars. Remember the early Toyota 2000GT in the 1960s? (shown below):


To the Supra in 1980s and 1990s:


and the most recent: Toyota’s first supercar – the Lexus LFA.


For BMW, we all know it’s famous for its sports oriented car...

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This Is How The 2015 Toyota Camry Looks Like in Asia

American Camry vs Asian Camry

In this article we wanted to show you what the 2015 Toyota Camry looks like in Asia vs its American counterpart.

Does this below image look like a Camry to you? If we covered its license plate, most people in the US may have a hard time recognizing that it’s a Toyota Camry. Why?  Because it doesn’t look EXACTLY like the Camry we see here on the street everyday.


This is the 2015 Toyota Camry, which Toyota specially made for the Chinese market. The 2015 model adds LED daytime running light and has a very different exterior styling than the US-spec Camry, which also reflects on the back...

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Toyota Is Developing 3D Head-Up Display Technology

3D HUD Technology

Currently, the head-up display (HUD) system on ALL cars have the image projected on the windshield and only has 2D visual effects. If you think the current HUD is fancy enough to satisfy your driving enjoyment, Toyota is bringing in something more exciting for you. Introducing the 3D HUD.

Generally speaking, the 3D HUD consists of these effects: instructions, assisting images/information visually looks like to be an “overlay” on the exact outside object. See the below photo of the Toyota Prius prototype demo effect.

The 3D HUD will overlay the destination icon on the exact building.


It can also show the turn instruction arrow as if it is “printed” on th...

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