Toyota Is Developing 3D Head-Up Display Technology

3D HUD Technology

Currently, the head-up display (HUD) system on ALL cars have the image projected on the windshield and only has 2D visual effects. If you think the current HUD is fancy enough to satisfy your driving enjoyment, Toyota is bringing in something more exciting for you. Introducing the 3D HUD.

Generally speaking, the 3D HUD consists of these effects: instructions, assisting images/information visually looks like to be an “overlay” on the exact outside object. See the below photo of the Toyota Prius prototype demo effect.

The 3D HUD will overlay the destination icon on the exact building.


It can also show the turn instruction arrow as if it is “printed” on the ground:


It can highlight vehicles coming out from other directions at an intersection:


Also, no problem for small objects such as bicyclists or pedestrians:


The 3D display is so accurate that even at locations that has incline, the overlap arrow can even tilted to visually fit the image!



No Need For 3D Glasses

One more amazing feature the 3D HUD has to offer: you do not need to wear any “special” goggles or glasses to see these outstanding visual effects. You just need to step in your car, start the engine and drive, sounds simple enough, right? Obviously the Toyota 3D HUD technology is not just for visual display, it also consists of various sensors to detect outside objects and computers to process signals collected from those sensors. This system is aiming not only at 3D display, but also a step closer to achieve the self-driving goal.

The Toyota 3D HUD technology is currently under development at Toyota’s R&D center located in the bay area of California.


How do you feel about the large strides in the automotive technology department? Are you excited to see the new 3D HUD technology roll out in more cars in the future?


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