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Lexus GS-F and RC-F Convertibles Confirmed, with 500HP V8 Engine

The Lexus GS-F & RC-F Confirmed

If you’ve been following our articles about the Lexus GS-F sedan, you may have probably known that the rumor has it,  the Lexus GS-F & RC-F will come with a 500hp 5.0L V8 beast if an engine.

Now there’s MORE exciting news: in this year’s Lexus USA National Dealer Meeting in Los Angeles recently, Akio Toyoda, CEO of the Toyota corporation, confirmed:

1. It will build the convertible version of the RC-F, which is currently available in the Coupe version.
2. The F variant of the GS sedan, the GS-F, is also coming. It is using the same 5.0L V8 engine as the RC-F coupe, but the output will be enhanced to around 500hp...

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2015 Panamera Exclusive Series: Pricing Announced

2015 Porsche Panamera Pricing

Most of you may have heard about the Porsche Panamera. In fact, even you don’t have enough money to afford one,  you can easily rent one from Hertz in almost all major US airport rental locations, see our earlier article here.

The last time I was at the airport, I asked Hertz for the price of renting a Panamera and they said it runs about $200 PER DAY, withOUT negotiation. I think you can definitely bring the price down further more if you haggle with them.


2015 Panamera Executive?

Have you ever heard of a long-wheel-base Panamera? Yes, Porsche indeed has several and it is called  the “Panamera Executive.” It stretches another 5...

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2016 BMW X5M and X6M: Officially Revealed

Is it Really BMW’s Most Powerful Engine Ever?

While there is no M-version choice for the 2014 and 2015 model years of the redesigned X5 and X6, now the long wait is finally over! Today, BMW released some juicy info about the 2016 X5M and X6M. People living in southern California will be lucky enough to have the opportunity to see them in person, in next month’s Los Angeles auto show. And’s media team will be there live, don’t miss out.


553 LB-FT of Torque

While they will be equipped with the same BMW S63 4...

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Will Lexus Produce the NX-F?

The brand new Lexus NX

The completely brand new Lexus NX crossover hasn’t arrived in the dealership showrooms yet but we at wanted to show you anyways since it’s a slick looking vehicle. We all know there are two trims that will be offered in the US market: the turbocharged NX200t and the hybrid NX300h.


Will there be an F-Version?

Ready for more interesting news today?  The NX’s chief engineer recently hinted the possibility of a high performance F-version of the NX CUV...

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Exhaust Pipes: Ugly vs. Beautiful

If you have been paying attention to the exhaust pipes underneath each car, you may find that some of them are very visible and looks like they are just hanging loosely. For example take a look at the below photo of the 2015 Lexus NX300h, you can clearly see how the single pipe is located in the underbody, going through the rear suspension arms and finally reach the exhaust tips.


On the other hand, some cars conceal the pipes gracefully as you can barely see them even you kneel down to take a close look (you can only see the exhaust tips under the rear bumper). A typical example is the 2015 Audi Q3 as shown below.


So here comes the real question: for cars that have t...

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