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YouWheel.com is run by a group of car enthusiasts and IT professionals.

We provide the most up-to-date automobile industry news, new car test drive reviews, covering all major US market brands and models. But, we are definitely not your conventional auto industry media site. We are currently working on something which is really cool. To learn more, please check out our membership site:


Unlike other automobile websites, we collect and analyze information and data in-house (you will not find the same article or similar content in any other places). Our articles and reviews are carefully composed and organized as we believe that information is what a typical reader/consumer wants to know and would like to read. Your time is precious so we keep our articles informative but as concise as possible, to make sure every minute you are browsing our site is meaningful.

We are working very hard to enhance your reading experience. YouWheel.com has both PC and smartphone versions, which works seamlessly on all major software platforms. When you are using your smartphone to browse our website, we can automatically detect it and provide you the corresponding user interface. We make is very easy and you do not need to do anything.

We hope you like our articles. There are new updates at this website 24-7, so we welcome you to check back any time you want. Enjoy reading!

YouWheel.com is not only an automobile review site. A ground-breaking feature is currently under development. We promise you will definitely like it. We are working hard to build it, so stay tuned!