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Exclusive: The 2015 Volvo XC90 Crash Test Car Images and Details

If you are following the latest 2015 Volvo XC90 news recently, you may have already seen its official crash test video like this:

Today we got some detailed high-resolution photos of that test car. In the following images you can examine the XC90’s structural safety more closely. We do not have the side impact test car photo at this moment, but we will add them in once we are able to obtain.









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The Exotic Sedan You Cannot Buy: The Aston Martin Lagonda

Besides some cars that are too expensive for your budge, there are some cars which is impossible for you to purchase, even you have that kind of money. One example of the later case is the upcoming Aston Martin Lagonda.

The Lagonda is a limited edition, builds on Aston Martin’s VH platform (the same as the Rapide). This car will be sold exclusively to some wealthy people in the Middle East region.

No specification is available or confirmed officially, there is also no information about the pricing (that’s OK, since you can’t buy it anyway, why bother with the price). The information only available is an official released image of the exotic sedan, as shown below.



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The Swan Song of The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

The legacy of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution started back in 1992, when the first generation of the performance car, called the “Evolution I”, which is packed with a 244hp/228 lb-ft of torque 4G63 engine, and only come with one selection of transmission – a 5-speed manual.

As of today, there are a total of 10 generations of the Lancer Evolution made. Due to multiple reasons, Mitsubishi already decided that the 2015 model year is the last year for the Lancer Evo – not only it is the final year of the 10th-gen Evo, but also the very final year for the whole Lancer Evo history.


This is a really sad news for Lancer Evo enthusiasts...

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See How Your 2015 Ford Mustang Is Built in The Factory

Today, Ford officially commenced the production of the 6th-gen Mustang in its Flat Rock Plant in Michigan.

The factory is employing around 3,000 workers, who are working in a 2-shift daily schedule. The same plant is also building the US-market Fusion.

Below are some live photos taken today, and you can also see the H-arm rear suspension in one image. As a side note, the rear independent suspension that the 6th-gen Mustang uses, is a very upscale design. For more details I invite you to read our introductory article about this H-arm suspension.






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More News: The 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Mazda will officially announced the newly redesigned MX-5 Miata next week, on September 3rd. Although there is still one week before the reveal, some more information leaked out today.

The major news is that, the new MX-5’s design will take into consideration that a hardtop coupe will be made, during the lifespan of this generation of MX-5.

As you can see our in-depth review of the MX-5 Miata family’s design, the construction of the car frame has special treatment to address that typical problem in a convertible: lack of torsional rigidity in the car body...

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