The Swan Song of The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

The legacy of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution started back in 1992, when the first generation of the performance car, called the “Evolution I”, which is packed with a 244hp/228 lb-ft of torque 4G63 engine, and only come with one selection of transmission – a 5-speed manual.

As of today, there are a total of 10 generations of the Lancer Evolution made. Due to multiple reasons, Mitsubishi already decided that the 2015 model year is the last year for the Lancer Evo – not only it is the final year of the 10th-gen Evo, but also the very final year for the whole Lancer Evo history.


This is a really sad news for Lancer Evo enthusiasts. For your reference, the Lancer Evo is not just a standard Lancer with powerful engine, double-clutch transmission and an AWD system. Besides the engine and transmission, Mitsubishi did a lot structural modifications/enhancement, and also a redesigned suspension system to the standard Lancer, then come out with the Lancer Evo body. The change is so radical that you can almost consider the standard Lancer and the Lancer Evo are two completely different car. For more in-depth technical details, please download and read this precious document from Mitsubishi.

But there still a good news for us: to close the 23-year journey of the Lancer Evo with a high note, Mitsubishi will release a special edition of the 2015 Lancer Evo, which will has higher output (more than the current 291hp/300 lb-ft of torque), and other performance improvements. The special edition will come with the 6-speed DCT and the AWD system, and will be produced 2,000 to 2,500 units during the last 6-month of the production run.

If you love the Lancer Evo and want to have a part of the automotive history as your collection, next year is your last and best chance.

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