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Lexus LF-SA Concept Official Image Leaked

We have reported that last week Lexus Europe “accidentally” revealed a teaser image of the upcoming LF-SA concept. Today, the official images have leaked ahead of the Geneva motor show, which will open its door next week.


The LF-SA concept is a 3-door hatchback, and it is based on the platform of the next-gen Toyota Yaris. Lexus has not released any spec on the concept. Meanwhile, please sit back and enjoy the below gallery. We will provide you more updates after the LF-SA debut in Geneva next week.

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More 2016 Honda Civic Type R Photos Leaked, Showing Full Car Body

Two weeks ago, we have reported the new Civic Type R is coming to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show next month, with three teaser images. Today, more photos of the new Civic Type R have surfaced on the internet.


From the below photos we can see the quad exhaust in the back, and also the huge rear spoiler. Enjoy the gallery and stay tuned for our coverage next month.

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Jaguar F-Type SVR Latest Spy Shots

As we have mentioned before, Jaguar Land Rover is in the process of renaming its “R” and “R-S” high-performance models to a new name “SVR”, just like the 2015 Range Rover Sport SVR.


It is expected the next model which receives the “SVR” treatment will be the Jaguar F-Type. Today some spy shots of the rumored F-Type SVR emerged on the internet. Please see the below gallery.

The F-Type SVR is an enhanced version based on the current F-Type R, which has a supercharged 5.0L V8 with 550hp and all-wheel-drive. The SVR version may has final output as high as reaching the 600hp mark (has not been confirmed by JLR at this moment)...

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Infiniti Offers Free Maintenance Program for Q50L in China

The most famous free maintenance program in the auto industry is propably BMW’s 4-year/50k-mile program. However, BMW has “secretly” downgraded the program since last July (see our report here). Basically speaking, if you are the 2nd owner, even your BMW is still within 4yr/50k miles, you are not eligible for the free maintenance any more. However, currently Infiniti starts to offer a similar program in China, for the Q50L sedan.


According to Infiniti China, the factory warranty runs for 48 months/100,000 km. During that period, all routine maintenances are all free...

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2016 Audi R8 Unveiled

Today Audi officially announced the new generation of R8 super-car, starting as a 2016 model.


For the detail specification numbers, we have covered most of them in last week’s article. What is new in today’s press release is the electric variant of the new R8, called the “R8 e-tron”.

The R8 e-tron will be powered by two electric motor, with a total output of 456hp (340kw), 679 lb-ft of torque, which propels the R8 to 62mph within 3.9s, top speed is 155mph. The lithium-ion battery capacity is increased from 49kWh to 92kWh, and the range is more than double the previous R8 e-tron, reaching 280 miles with one full charge.

Enjoy the below high resolution gallery and see the ...

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