Infiniti Offers Free Maintenance Program for Q50L in China

The most famous free maintenance program in the auto industry is propably BMW’s 4-year/50k-mile program. However, BMW has “secretly” downgraded the program since last July (see our report here). Basically speaking, if you are the 2nd owner, even your BMW is still within 4yr/50k miles, you are not eligible for the free maintenance any more. However, currently Infiniti starts to offer a similar program in China, for the Q50L sedan.


According to Infiniti China, the factory warranty runs for 48 months/100,000 km. During that period, all routine maintenances are all free. Specifically speaking, free maintenance includes: engine oil change, oil filter, engine air filter, cabin AC filter, power steering fluid (some Q50L trims are still using hydraulic power steering system), brake fluids and spark plug. The saving from this benefit is around 5% – 8% of the new car’s MSRP. Although Infiniti says 2nd owner will not get this benefit, many Infiniti dealerships in China still offer the free maintenance to the 2nd owner, given that Q50L was originally purchased from the same dealership.

Besides the maintenance program, another good thing about the Q50L’s factory warranty is: it also covers some wear and tear issues for the interior. In US, some dealerships will typically deny fixing issues under warranty which can be related to wear and tear, even such cause is very weak. However this is not the case in China: for example it is reported that a Q50L customer, because of his way of holding steering wheel, there was wear made to the leather which caused its color starting to fade. Infiniti China replaced the whole steering wheel under warranty.

This shows Infiniti’s ambitious marketing plan in China this year. Currently China is the largest car market in the world; according to a recent report from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the 2015 total auto sales in China is estimated to reach 21.3 million.



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