2016 Honda Civic Type R Preview Photos Released

Honda does has a racing root. It even puts its auto racing enthusiasm into products such as the Civic, and produce the Civic Type R. But before we drilling down to the details, let me tell you a sad news (maybe some folks have already known): historically speaking Honda has never sold the Civic Type R in US market in the past, and we heard that this is also true for the upcoming generation too. However, fellow US readers please do not give up hope: because we have also heard that Acura is building a ILX Type S with 300+hp for us!


Contrary to some people’s intuition, the Civic Type R is not just a Civic with high-output engine. Take the previous 3rd-gen Civic Type R JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) version as example: it not only gets a more powerful engine, but also includes a helical limited slip differential; besides, the car chassis structure is also strengthened significantly (torsional rigidity 50% higher than the previous JDM DC5 Integra Type R); to save weight, the Type R variant also uses aluminum in the car body construction extensively with advanced adhesive bonding technologies. Therefore we can consider the Civic Type R is a very different car than the normal Civic.

Honda fans have been waiting for the latest 4th-gen Civic Type R for a while, and today Honda finally released 3 teaser images, and also some more information. Let me show you the highlights:

– 2.0L direct injection VTEC turbo engine (the first-ever direct injection turbo engine in a Honda production car, besides the Acura NSX)
– Top speed: 270 km/h (167 mph)
– Front-wheel-drive
– Aerodynamic enhancements such as: completely flat undercarriage, front splitter, ventilated front fenders, side skirts, rear wing
– Brembo brakes: 4-piston calipers on front wheels with 350 mm drilled rotors
– 19-inch alloy wheels

The all-new Honda Civic Type R will debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show next month. Check out more details in the below press release.

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Designed to Perform: Superior Aerodynamics for all-new Honda Civic Type R

  • 2.0 litre direct injection VTEC TURBO engine and aerodynamic performance deliver class-best top speed of 270km/h (167mph)*
  • Unique vents, grilles, spoilers and skirts contribute to enhanced downforce and minimised drag
  • All-new Honda Civic Type R in Championship White will make global debut at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

The all-new Honda Civic Type R – which will make its world premiere at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show – will feature a host of eye-catching design enhancements that have been heavily influenced by extensive aerodynamic development and testing, both on computer and in the wind tunnel. The result is a car with exceptional high speed stability and high levels of downforce.

The superior aerodynamic performance helps make the most of the Civic Type R’s 2.0 litre direct injection VTEC TURBO engine, enabling the car to achieve a top speed of 270km/h (167mph)*, unrivalled amongst its front wheel-drive competitors.

A new, almost completely flat underside aids airflow under the vehicle and combines with a rear diffuser to optimise downforce – effectively ‘sucking’ the car onto the road. A bespoke rear wing gives the car enhanced visual presence and delivers powerful additional downforce, thanks notably to the structure of its airfoil section.

A wide front splitter and deep side skirts also manage airflow and reduce lift, while the front bumper has been shaped specifically to inhibit air turbulence around the front wheels, cutting drag and enhancing high-speed stability.

To help the driver manage the Type R’s prodigious power, the car is equipped with a high performance Brembo brake package for the front wheels, developed specifically for the car. At the front, four-piston calipers apply braking force to 350 mm drilled discs. New 19-inch alloy wheels, unique to the Type R, complement the visual changes, filling the wheel arches and accommodating the larger brakes.

Heat management was another major focus for the design team, influencing several prominent external design modifications. Enlarged upper and lower grilles in the front bumper, vents above the wheels on the front quarter panels and vents at the trailing edges of the front wheel arches combine to provide greater cooling and ventilation for the high-output engine.

The Civic Type R will be unveiled at Geneva Motor Show in Championship White – a colour shared with successive generations of iconic Type R vehicles.

Honda can be found at stand 4250 in Hall 4 at the 85th Geneva Motor Show (3 – 15 March).




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