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Honda Introduced 1.5L Turbo Engine to Jade RS, Output Spec Released

Honda has announced the Jade RS, equipped with the Japanese auto maker’s all-new 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. This is the second model in Honda to receive this new engine (the first one is the Stepwgn which we have reported previously).


The Honda Jade is not sold in the US market, but you can consider it to be the wagon version of the Honda Civic (it does share the same platform as the Civic).

The 1.5L turbo engine in the Jade RS is rated at 147hp and 149 lb-ft of torque, and it is equipped with the VTEC and fuel direct injection technologies.

Honda has also confirmed the next generation Civic will also use this same turbo engine. Since the 1...

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Next-Gen Honda Civic Will Has 1.5L Turbo Engine

Turbocharging has been a common practice within many European auto makers. However this is not the case for Japanese companies. For example Toyota, currently it only has one model that is equipped with a turbocharged engine (the Lexus NX200t). Talking about Honda, it is better, since both of the new Acura NSX and Civic Type R are turbocharged.


This trend will finally come to Honda’s hot seller model: the Civic. From an interview with Automotive News, Yoshiharu Yamamoto, Honda’s head of global R&D department, has confirmed the below message:

– A 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine will be standard on the next generation Civic;
– Naturally aspirated engine is an upgrade op...

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Officially Announced: the 2016 Honda Civic Type R (with 15 Photos)

Maybe you have seen our previous reports before, now the all-new 4th-generation Civic Type R is official: equipped with a 2.0L turbocharged VTEC 4-cylinder engine, producing 310ps, 295 lb-ft of torque. Only need 5.7 seconds to reach 100kmh (62mph), top speed can reach 167mph.


Below are some detail specs:

– 2.0L turbocharged VTEC 4-cylinder engine
– 310ps@6,500RPM, 295 lb-ft of torque@2,500RPM; redline: 7,000RPM
– 6-speed manual transmission, FWD
– 235/35R19 tires, Brembo brakes
– Adaptive damper system
– Dual axis strut front suspension to reduce torque steering; Dual pinion Electric power steering
– GT Pack includes optional electronic features such as: dual-zone automa...

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2016 Honda Civic Type R Preview Photos Released

Honda does has a racing root. It even puts its auto racing enthusiasm into products such as the Civic, and produce the Civic Type R. But before we drilling down to the details, let me tell you a sad news (maybe some folks have already known): historically speaking Honda has never sold the Civic Type R in US market in the past, and we heard that this is also true for the upcoming generation too. However, fellow US readers please do not give up hope: because we have also heard that Acura is building a ILX Type S with 300+hp for us!


Contrary to some people’s intuition, the Civic Type R is not just a Civic with high-output engine...

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Toyota will reveal a new mid-size sedan on 4/18

Toyota is going to release a new mid-size sedan, which is believed to sit between the Corolla and Camry, in the Chinese market.

To see why this makes a business case, first let’s see what the competition in the market right now is. In China, Honda has a model called Crider, which fill the gap between the Civic and Accord. It has a 104.3 inches wheelbase and comes with the 1.8L engine which it shares with the Civic. The Crider has a MacPherson front suspension, and a torsion beam for the rear suspension. A normal Crider carries a MSRP which approximately half the price of an Audi A3 sedan.

Below is the exterior and interior of the Honda Crider.




The Korean auto maker a...

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