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Impression: The 2015 Cadillac Escalade

In our previous article A Night with Cadillac, I mentioned after the dinner we were riding on a 2015 Escalade back to the rendezvous location, there were something interesting on display.

There are one 2015 Escalade ESV and one 2015 CTS VSport sitting inside the exhibition hall. In this article I will share my personal impression on the 2015 Escalade. All photos are taken live in the Road to Table event in Laguna Beach.


The current Escalade is the 4th-generation, beginning from the 2014 model year. One distinguish point I sensed recently is: Cadillac vehicle’s material quality and assembling quality has great improvement during the past two years...

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A Night with Cadillac

Yesterday night I attended Cadillac’s “Road to Table” event in Laguna Beach, CA.

The idea of this program is connecting the car driving experience with fine dining pleasures, which similar to Lincoln’s “Day Night” program.


The difference between the two is: for Cadillac they just let you drive the CTS for a couple miles to the restaurant, then treat you with a dinner; for Lincoln, they lend you a MKC or MKZ for 2 days, and give you a $100 debit card; you can go to anywhere within the 48-hr period, no mileage restriction, and you can use the $100 anywhere, not necessarily in a restaurant, even though Lincoln suggests you to.

Cadillac held the Orange County Road to Table e...

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Land Rover Starts Evoque Production in China

Yesterday, Jaguar Land Rover’s new China factory, located in Changshu, Jiangsu province, officially started its production. This marks the completion of JLR’s first step in product localization process in the China market.


The JLR China factory is a 50:50 joint venture between JLR and Chery Automobile (a Chinese automobile company).


If you are wondering whenever each foreign auto maker wants to setup a factory in China, why it need to cooperate with a Chiese automobile company in the form of joint venture? The simple answer that the Chinese government offers significantly better benefits/tax exemptions for such incorporation form...

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Impression: 2015 Lincoln Navigator

Among all the full-size SUVs in the US market, the Lincoln Navigator is a truck that always forgotten by some consumers. In 2013, GM sold a total of 22,514 units of the Cadillac Escalade, compared to 8,613 units for the Navigator.

Both of the Escalade and Navigator are truck-based SUVs, which are using the body-on-frame construction. The reason why the Navigator received lower sales is because some of its major features and styling are outdated. Therefore, Lincoln extensively revised the 2015 Navigator to make it to be competitive again.


Changes made to the 2015 model includes the brand-new 3...

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Mercedes-Benz Reveals Future Product Branding Plan

What Kind of Branding Plan Does Mercedes Have in Mind?

Mercedes-Benz released some interesting news that clearly states there is a future branding plan in mind. It regards how they will name the “special” versions of their existing vehicle models.

– For variants focusing on high-output and sporty handling, Mercedes plans to use the “AMG” brand after the model number.

– For variants which belongs to the ultra-luxury/exotic sector, the “Maybach” name will appear after the model name.

The first “Maybach” product will be the S-class Maybach, which is said to add another 10 inches to the current US market S-class wheelbase, which has already reached 124.6in...

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