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2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Comes with 2.0L SkyActiv for US Market

Today we heard news from Mazda that despite other markets in the rest of the world will get the 1.5L engine, the US-bound new MX-5 will come with the naturally aspirated 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, complete with the auto maker’s latest SkyActiv technology.

This is what we know by far. No output numbers or any technical details at this moment.


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Test Drive Review: 2014 Acura RLX – Part 2 (Interior)

Review Index

2014 Acura RLX – Part 1 (Exterior)
2014 Acura RLX – Part 2 (Interior)
2014 Acura RLX – Part 3 (Electronic Features, Controls)
2014 Acura RLX – Part 4 (Powertrain)
2014 Acura RLX – Part 5 (Chassis)

Starts from the interior, the Acura RLX starts to show its value.

There are two things catches your eyes the first time you entering RLX’s cabin:

1. the 2 LCD screens on the dashboard
2. large percentage of the interior panels (door, dashboard, center console, armrests etc.) are wrapped in genuine leather, with fine stitching


I would like to expand the discussion on the above two points, because they represents the current trend of how automobile industry...

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2015 Jaguar XE Full Detail Released

Today Jaguar released full details of its upcoming compact sports sedan: the XE. However, the below information is for UK market only. It is expected that the US market will not receive the diesel engine and the manual transmission options, at least for its initial market launch here.

You can go to the press release in the end of this article to get the full details. Below are some highlights.


One thing we note that the XE S 3.0 Petrol 340 model, whose engine outputs 332 lb-ft of torque, this equals to 450 Nm. Such torque rating has already reached the upper limit of the ZF 8HP45 transmission, according to this ZF document (on the first page, it states for petrol applica...

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Aston Martin Lagonda Sedan Official Interior Images Released

We have been following the limited-edition Aston Martin Lagonda sedan for a while. Last time I have shown you lots photos of its exterior in this article.

Today Aston Martin unwrapped another layer of this bespoke sedan, showing how its interior looks. While you may find its styling or how some details look is a little bit “strange” in your opinion, please note that the Lagonda is specifically designed to catering the Middle East market, and its designer is trying their best to meet its customers’ aesthetic opinion and taste.


In fact we not only show you the interior, today also comes several exterior images.

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