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Ford Keeps Faith in Lincoln Brand, Green-lighted $5 Billion Investment

Almost all major auto makers in the industry have its own luxury brand, and Ford knows the importance of keeping a luxury brand of its own, which is Lincoln.


Many people have the impression that Lincoln vehicles do not sell well and are never major competitors to the big players such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Acura, Infiniti etc. The reason that Ford has not build a solid foundation for Lincoln earlier is because previously, Ford owned other luxury brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin and Volvo. But these have all gone during the 2008 financial crisis which makes Lincoln the only hope for Ford’s luxury branch.

Currently Lincoln vehicles are sometimes crit...

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2015 Volvo XC90 Overseas Delivery Pricing Announced

The most famous European factory delivery program should arguably be the BMW European Delivery Program.

Actually many other European brands offer similar programs, which you can have your car delivered to Europe and drive your own car on your next European vacation if you wanted to. For Volvo, this is called “Overseas Delivery.”


If you opted for the program to buy a Volvo, the price you paid for the car also includes:

1. Two round-trip air tickets to Sweden;
2. One night of first-class hotel in Gothenburg;
3. Shipping of your Volvo back to your US local Volvo dealership

The Overseas Delivery pricing are also lower than the US MSRP, so taking the free air tickets, hotel s...

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BMW Secretly Increased Engine Displacement for 2015 X5

I am sure all consumers in the US know that, for the 35i trim of the 2015 BMW X5, they are still coming with the company’s famous N55 6-cylinder 3.0L turbo engine.

But perhaps unknown to most people, the N55 engine on the 2015 X5 sDrive35i and xDrive35i, is a different version that only exists in US-spec X5. In fact, even though they are named “3.0L” in all documents and advertisements, it does not mean an exact number of 3,000 cc. Specifically speaking, the N55 engines installed in all other BMW vehicles (except the 2015 X5 35i) have a displacement of 2,979 cc.


Starting from the 2015 model year, BMW is providing a special version of the N55 engine on 2015 X5 35i models,...

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Can You Find Something Unusual in This Photo?

One of our readers send us this photo he took in a late model Ford vehicle.

At a glance you may think this is a typical display of the instrument cluster. However there is something wrong with it.


You can see, the cars mileage is at 9,897.2 miles (which adds up from 0 mile and you cannot reset or change it); but the trip meter (which you can reset it to zero when you are starting a new trip) shows 9,897.4 miles, which is greater than the mileage value.

Obviously, the “Trip 1” meter has not been reset since the car rolls off the assembling line, so the “Trip 1” calculation should increase in sync with the mileage value accumulation...

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2016 BMW M2: Brand New Engine, Up to 400 HP

2016 BMW M2: Latest Information

– Engine: S57 B30 (M-car version in the B57/58 engine family), twin-turbocharger (not the single turbocharger in the N55 engine)
Up to 400hp
– 6-speed manual transmission as standard; 7-speed DCT optional
– Rear-wheel-drive; but AWD may be possible in the future

Below are some spy shots.



We will give you more info on the 2016 BMW M2 as it is leaked!

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