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Toyota revealed latest engine technology

Today Toyota released some information regarding their new generation of naturally aspirated engines.

There are two engines are mentioned in the news. One is 1.3L and another 1.0L. Key points:

– Atkinson burning cycle (10% better fule economy)

– VVT-iE valve technology (previously only available on Lexus LS sedan)

– High compression ratio of 13.5:1 for 1.3L and 11.5:1 for 1.0L

– Stop-start technology

– Direct fuel injection is not required (but it can still come with DI)

– Speical design intake ports makes combustion more rapid

– Cooled EGR system to reduce emissions

– 1.3L engine thermal efficiency: 38%; 1.0L efficienty: 37%. Compared to old engines of 35%

– Modified pis...

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Audi sold more A6 than the Toyota Camry in China

2014 March sales statistics of the Chinese auto market come out today.

During the last month, total auto sales in China region is 1 ,094,472 units. One surprising fact is for March 2014, the Audi A6 outsold the Toyota Camry (15,800 units vs. 15,723 units). Compared to the best selling mid-size luxury sedan in US market, the Mercedes-Benz E class only sold 6,335 units.

In the same period, BMW sold 12,279 units of the 5 series in China; and Mercedes-Benz sold 3,360 units of the E class.

The weak Mercedes-Benz sales is caused by the scandal that, the largest Chinese television media (CCTV) reported back in March 2013, that Mercedes-Benz used poisonous materials in some of th...

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How safe is the Toyota Sienna?

Ever think of a head-on collision with a 30-ton (66,000lb) cement truck? Well, if you don’t, here is a thrilling video captured by the victim’s dash camera.

The story is quite simple: a Texas A&M University professor drove his Toyota Sienna and got the head-on hit by a fully-loaded run-the-red-light cement truck. Sounds like there might be a casualty? No, this Aggie professor actually didn’t get hurt at all.

Here is what the Sienna looks like after this accident.


Let’s take a close look. The safe cage is still intact after the collision, which protects the occupant inside.


You can watch the full video here...

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What changes will the 2015 Toyota Camry has?

The 2015 Toyota Camry will be revealed in the 2014 NY auto show. Here are changes we may see in the mid cycle updated 2015 Camry:

1. A CVT (continuous variable transmission) will be available in some non-hybrid models;

2. Valvematic (an upgrade to the current VVT-I technology) will be added to the 4 cylinder engine to improve the fuel efficiency, just like what the Corolla has right now;

3. A slight chance that a newly designed 2.0L turbo engine will replace the current tried-and-true V6 engine (and we are almost sure that this engine will appear in the upcoming Lexus NX CUV);


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Hot deal: Toyota brake service promotion

Toyota is running a promotion that ends at 3/31/2014. The deal is you pay $99.95 for a brake service and get a $50 Visa gift card.

Click here for more details.

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