Toyota revealed latest engine technology

Today Toyota released some information regarding their new generation of naturally aspirated engines.

There are two engines are mentioned in the news. One is 1.3L and another 1.0L. Key points:

– Atkinson burning cycle (10% better fule economy)

– VVT-iE valve technology (previously only available on Lexus LS sedan)

– High compression ratio of 13.5:1 for 1.3L and 11.5:1 for 1.0L

– Stop-start technology

– Direct fuel injection is not required (but it can still come with DI)

– Speical design intake ports makes combustion more rapid

– Cooled EGR system to reduce emissions

– 1.3L engine thermal efficiency: 38%; 1.0L efficienty: 37%. Compared to old engines of 35%

– Modified piston skirt surfaces, plastic coated bearings and low friction chain are used in the new engines


More analysis will follow in tomorrow’s article, so stay tuned!




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