2016 Lexus IS Sedan Goes Turbocharged, IS200t Confirmed

Today Lexus has confirmed the 2016 IS200t sports sedan will be coming starting this August or September.


Above photo: the current IS250 which is using the 2.5L naturally aspirated V6 engine

Indicated by its name, the IS200t will be powered by the 8AR-FTS turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, which can also be found in the current Lexus NX200t CUV.

Lexus has not released the output specification of the IS200t, but our best bet is the numbers will be the same as NX200t, which means 235hp @ 4,800 RPM and 258 lb-ft @ 1,650 RPM. However, as we have mentioned in our previous article, given the 8AR-TFS is over-built and is capable of delivering a much higher output, also the sports-oriented nature of the IS sedan, it is possible that Lexus will give the IS200t a higher output spec.

Whether the current IS250 will be phased out is unclear at this moment, for your reference: the IS250 is using the aging 4GR-FSE naturally aspirated V6, which only has 204hp and its torque is really low in the segment: 185 lb-ft.

We will keep an eye on the new IS200t and provide you updates when it is available.

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8 comments to 2016 Lexus IS Sedan Goes Turbocharged, IS200t Confirmed

  • Michael Ratican  says:

    It’d be cooler if it didn’t have double touch screens.

  • Lee Warnock  says:

    Be cooler if it wasn’t slow and still cost an arm and a leg. A Camry has more power than that

  • Paul Taylor  says:

    Chris Bieber

  • Chris Bieber  says:

    I agree with the previous poster (Lee). Nice in theory but late to the turbo game and weak in delivery. Seems like they’re trying to follow in Audi and BMW’s footsteps; which in that case they should’ve just put it on the V6 and then kept working on increasing the output of the V8 for the real F’s….and don’t even get me started on that whole F Sport nonsense lol. Good find though Paul Taylor, hadn’t seen this yet

  • Ian Campbell  says:

    Ricardo Taveras makes this car even better

  • JR Robbins  says:

    Wesley Grissom

  • Benoit Beauchamp  says:

    Jf Groulx

  • Rob Anthony  says:


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