How safe is the Toyota Sienna?

Ever think of a head-on collision with a 30-ton (66,000lb) cement truck? Well, if you don’t, here is a thrilling video captured by the victim’s dash camera.

The story is quite simple: a Texas A&M University professor drove his Toyota Sienna and got the head-on hit by a fully-loaded run-the-red-light cement truck. Sounds like there might be a casualty? No, this Aggie professor actually didn’t get hurt at all.

Here is what the Sienna looks like after this accident.


Let’s take a close look. The safe cage is still intact after the collision, which protects the occupant inside.


You can watch the full video here. If you don’t want to spend the two and half minutes on video, here are some screenshots that tell almost everything.






Toyota Sienna owners, what do you think about the safety of your minivan now?


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