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Exclusive: Toyota revealed new mid-size sedan in Chinese market

In the last few days we reported Toyota is planning to release a new mid-size sedan in the Chinese market, during the Beijing auto show. While someone is claiming that is just a US version Corolla, now the myth is gone. This car is not called Corolla.

The new sedan’s name is Toyota Levin. It has a length of 4630mm (US Corolla is 4638mm), height is 1480mm (US Corolla is 1455.42). Two engine options are available: 1.6L and 1.8L 4-cylinder. Despite the US Corolla only has automatic transmission, the Levin can be also equipped with mannual transmission.

The brake lights of the Levin are composed of more than 50 LEDs, the lighting effect makes the signature of this model.


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Exclusive: new Toyota sedan spy shot

Yesterday we reported the news that Toyota will release a mid-size sedan which is placed between the Chinese market Corolla and Camry, around the time of the Beijing auto show.

Today we got some spy shots of this mystery sedan. Here they are.

The front face looks like a combination of Corolla and Camry:


Several of them are parking behind the Subway restaurant (Yes, that is a Subway Chinese franchise store):


And the interior, looks familiar, right? But it does not mean this car is Corolla.


The Chinese market Corolla, will also be announced during the 2014 Beijing auto show next week, here are some spy shots, one is the uncovered new Corolla, and another is a spyshot ins...

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Refreshed 2015 Toyota Camry information released

The 2015 model year sees the mid-cycle update for the Toyota Camry. Here are highlights:

– 2,000 new parts;

– 1.8 inches longer; 0.4 inch wider track;

– Enhanced body torsional rigidity, additional spot welds added to the door opening flanges;

– Brake system upgraded with a two-stage brake booster;

– Interior carpet adds 30% more insulating material;

– Interior panels have more premium materials;

– LED headlight available;

– New instrument panel design; a 4.2-inch TFT screen nestled between the 3-dimensional Optitron gauges on the SE, XLE and XSE trims;

– Revised electric power steering;

– Newly added XSE trim is another step up from the sporty SE trim...

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Toyota will reveal a new mid-size sedan on 4/18

Toyota is going to release a new mid-size sedan, which is believed to sit between the Corolla and Camry, in the Chinese market.

To see why this makes a business case, first let’s see what the competition in the market right now is. In China, Honda has a model called Crider, which fill the gap between the Civic and Accord. It has a 104.3 inches wheelbase and comes with the 1.8L engine which it shares with the Civic. The Crider has a MacPherson front suspension, and a torsion beam for the rear suspension. A normal Crider carries a MSRP which approximately half the price of an Audi A3 sedan.

Below is the exterior and interior of the Honda Crider.




The Korean auto maker a...

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Short analysis: Toyota’s new 1.3L and 1.0L engines

Yesterday we brought you the news that Toyota released some information for their new generation of high efficiency naturally aspirated engines.

After research we come out with some analysis and our viewpoint:

1. Most of the technologies are borrowed from previous higher level products (not necessarily within the Toyota Group only). For example the VVT-iE valve system, previously appear on the 1UR V8 engine, which is used on Lexus LS460 and IS-F.

2. The 1.3L is a 4-cylinder engine, while the 1.0L is 3-cylinder. Pay attention to the difference in their compression ratio. Why the 1.3L has 13.5:1 and the 1.0L only gets 11.5:1...

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