Toyota will reveal a new mid-size sedan on 4/18

Toyota is going to release a new mid-size sedan, which is believed to sit between the Corolla and Camry, in the Chinese market.

To see why this makes a business case, first let’s see what the competition in the market right now is. In China, Honda has a model called Crider, which fill the gap between the Civic and Accord. It has a 104.3 inches wheelbase and comes with the 1.8L engine which it shares with the Civic. The Crider has a MacPherson front suspension, and a torsion beam for the rear suspension. A normal Crider carries a MSRP which approximately half the price of an Audi A3 sedan.

Below is the exterior and interior of the Honda Crider.




The Korean auto maker also has a strong product too, it is called Hyundai Mistra, and it is positioned between the Elantra and Sonata. The Mistra has a wheelbase of 109.1 inches, its total length is just 4.4 inches shorter than the Hyundai Sonata. The Mistra is priced similar to the Honda Crider, it has a MacPherson front suspension and multilink design for the rear.

Below are some images of the Hyundai Mistra.



As can be seen in the above photos, these cars has relative simple mechanical design, but with a more upscale interior layout and materials. This will also be the case for the Toyota’s new mid-size sedan. Here is one teaser image.


According information from Toyota, this new sedan is aiming at the young consumers. The design will be focusing on (quoting the source’s original comment): “logic and sentiment, quality and innovation, sport and comfort, fashion and space”. While this gives us no clue of what exactly the new sedan will be like, we are sure it must be something that can compete with the above mentioned two competitors.

The Toyota new sedan will be revealed on 04/18, we will report back once there is more news available.

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