Audi sold more A6 than the Toyota Camry in China

2014 March sales statistics of the Chinese auto market come out today.

During the last month, total auto sales in China region is 1 ,094,472 units. One surprising fact is for March 2014, the Audi A6 outsold the Toyota Camry (15,800 units vs. 15,723 units). Compared to the best selling mid-size luxury sedan in US market, the Mercedes-Benz E class only sold 6,335 units.

In the same period, BMW sold 12,279 units of the 5 series in China; and Mercedes-Benz sold 3,360 units of the E class.

The weak Mercedes-Benz sales is caused by the scandal that, the largest Chinese television media (CCTV) reported back in March 2013, that Mercedes-Benz used poisonous materials in some of their products’ interior panels, and was confirmed to has already caused health damages for quite a few of Chinese consumers.

In the China market best selling sedan list, the top 4 are all occupied by VW. The best seller is the VW Lavida (sold 32,667 units in March), followed by the Jetta, Sagitar and Passat (sold 26,387 units).

The best selling compact luxury sedan is the Audi A4, sold a total of 10,912 units, followed by the BMW 3 series, sold 8,081 units.

Can you imagine the scene you will see on a major highway in China, that the shiny Audi A6 appears more frequently than the Toyota Camry?

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