Next-Gen Honda Civic Will Has 1.5L Turbo Engine

Turbocharging has been a common practice within many European auto makers. However this is not the case for Japanese companies. For example Toyota, currently it only has one model that is equipped with a turbocharged engine (the Lexus NX200t). Talking about Honda, it is better, since both of the new Acura NSX and Civic Type R are turbocharged.


This trend will finally come to Honda’s hot seller model: the Civic. From an interview with Automotive News, Yoshiharu Yamamoto, Honda’s head of global R&D department, has confirmed the below message:

– A 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine will be standard on the next generation Civic;
– Naturally aspirated engine is an upgrade option;
– The turbocharged engine will be build in Honda’s engine plant in Anna, Ohio; Honda has invested $340 million to prepare the factory for this;
– New engine will be officially announced by the end of this year.


Above image: the 2.0L turbocharged VTEC 4-cylinder engine used on the 2016 Civic Type R

It looks like Honda and Toyota are taking different route to achieve the fuel efficiency enhancement. Honda is using the turbocharging, while Toyota has put hope on the Atkinson cycle engine and also the hydrogen fuel cell technology.

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