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Today, we are pleased to introduce our new feature: YouWheel Guest Post. It allows you to present your own articles, your opinions, and whatever you are thinking about cars, to our enormous reader base!


What is a Guest Post?

Simply speaking: submit your creation to us, and we will post your work on our website:; if your article is exceptionally good, we will even feature it on our main blog page. Below are the details:

(a) Submit your article to us

It is easy – send your article via email to us:

(b) What content is suitable?

First of all, your article must be original. Any plagiarism will be banned.

We prefer four types of content:

1. Detailed review of your car. We guarantee such submission will be 90% accepted.
2. Funny things related to cars. Please do not just send us a photo or a video; you need to write something to explain what happened and why it is funny.
3. Latest car news. Please do not just send us the press release (because we already have it – auto makers send us tons of press releases everyday); please write your own news.
4. Technical analysis or insights related to cars. Please refer to our Technical Talk articles to get an idea.

(c) What benefit we will offer?

We will email you if your article is accepted by us. In each article we put on our website, you can have:

1. A paragraph for self-introduction
2. A hyperlink pointing to a URL you prefer

For faster and more efficient processing, you can send us the above information together with your email submission.

(d) Rules

1. Please make sure you have the copyright of the content
2. By submitting your article, you grant the right to use the content.

(e) Why are we doing this?

Typically, major automobile medias will not publish articles written by an ordinary reader. Or, they set a very high bar, effectively filtering out most submissions; meanwhile, although you can write anything in online medias/forums, they usually forbid free self promotion. They simply delete everything you have written and ban your account, once they think you are promoting yourself.

However, we believe a high quality review/article will benefit the whole automobile industry, and it should be encouraged and promoted to reach as many consumers as possible. Therefore, we are building up this platform, to let you promote yourself.

Your content published by us on the website does not ensure your success; it is the quality of your content that matters.

Interested? Send us an email right now:


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