More Details: the Porsche 717 Pure Electric Sports Sedan

You must have known the rumor that Porsche is developing a pure electric sports car recently (we have covered this a month ago).


Above image: Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo concept

Today more information is leaked out regarding this Porsche EV, here are the summary:

– Proposed model name: Porsche 717
– 4-door body style
– Aluminum car body construction with carbon fiber structural parts
– Topological battery installation structure with 108 battery pouches
– Three trims with different levels of output: 400hp, 500hp and 600hp
– All-wheel-drive with 4-wheel steering
– Range: 300 miles
– Induction charging technology
– Production version on sale in 2019

The above preliminary information looks rather promising for a sports sedan, we will report back once we got more details about it.



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