Porsche EV Model, Will Directly Compete with Tesla Model S

Porsche EV

Yesterday our source gave us some real interesting info which should put Tesla in a serious disadvantage: Porsche is working on an electric sports car, targeting at the Tesla Model S. Below image is the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo concept (not the EV we are talking about).


The Porsche EV sports car we’re talking about will be smaller than its Panamera. This new model is previously rumored to be called the “Pajun”. Fierce competition in the mid-size luxury sports sedan lets Porsche make the decision that the smaller sedan to be in the form of pure EV only.

Since the Tesla Model S is about the same size as the Porsche Panamera, the new Porsche model will be smaller than the Model S. However, despite the relatively longer wheelbase of the Model S (116.5in), it does not offer a larger cabin interior spaces, especially for the second-row seat. Therefore from my point of view, the size of the Model S doesn’t rule it out from the competition.


Can Tesla Model S Compete?

It can be imagined that, if the Porsche EV has similar performance, similar range and similar pricing, given the Porsche brand value, there is no way Tesla Model S can compete with it – unless Tesla makes significant enhancements to the Model S, for example the interior styling, material quality, assembling craftsmanship, reliability etc.

But Tesla still has time to prepare for this. According to our source, the new Porsche EV sports sedan still has 3 – 4 years before it hits dealer inventory.


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