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Tesla Model S Becomes Taxi in China

It looks like Tesla is working hard to find out a better way to expand in the Chinese market. For example starting on 09/18/2014, cooperating with Uber, Tesla introduced a service to let customer hire the Model S as taxi in Shenzhen, China. As of today, Uber’s Tesla taxi service has been expanded to other cities in China. Below is a Uber Tesla Model S P85 in Shenzhen.


Today, Wuhan – another city in China, released its plan to add another 1,110 electric cars into the city taxi fleet. Among these 1,110 electric vehicles, 100 are the Tesla Model S 85, and the taxi operation is assigned to Tri-Ring Auto (a company specialized in running the taxi fleet).

10 Model S will be in...

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Tesla Model S 70D Officially Announced

While Tesla has been working on other new models such as the Model X, and the “upcoming” entry-level sedan which is said to be starting at the mid $30k range, it is constantly making enhancements to the existing Model S, to keep consumers exciting on the brand.


Today the bay area-based auto maker released a new variant of the Model S, named the “70D”, served as the entry-level trim as the product line. By its name, the Model S 70D has an AWD drivetrain. The total combined output of the front and rear electric motors reaches 513hp (383kW), and the battery capacity has been increased to 70 kWh too...

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Tesla’s Vision in 2015: An Interview with Head of Tesla China – Tom Zhu

At the end of 2014, Veronica Wu, the former President of Tesla China, resigned from her position. Ms. Wu is succeeded by Tom Zhu, who at that time was responsible for the Supercharging network development in China.


Last week, Chinese media GeekCar interviewed Mr. Zhu, they discussed some hot topics that Tesla owners in China are currently focusing on. Below is highlights based on the above interview report.

Q: Tesla’s 2014 4th-quarter financial report did not reach some analysts’ expectation, what is your opinion?
A: It is obvious the numbers in the financial report are not good. But there are multiple reasons: 1. investments in the Gigafactory; 2...

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How to Charge a Tesla Model S When There Is No Electrical Outlet

Suppose you are traveling on a Tesla Model S, and you discover there is no electrical outlet available when your Model S is running out of power. What will you do? It looks like calling for a tow truck is not the most convenient way – at least in China.


A Tesla owner in China traveled to the country side near Shanghai. Since there is no outdoor socket there, he managed to build a charger for his Model S, by tapping into the local electric transmission line on a utility pole. It seems this trick worked: see the below gallery for this Tesla owner’s creativity.

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Tesla Announced Free Charger and Free Installation in China Market

When you purchase a Tesla Model S in US, it only comes with a free mobile connector as standard. This mobile connector only lets you charge your Model S using the regular 110V household outlet, provides 29 miles of range per hour.


If you want to charge the Model S faster, you need to use Tesla’s Wall Connector, which is installed on a 240 volt circuit, and supplies up to twice the amperage as a regular 110V outlet. However for US market this is not free: it cost you $750 for the parts, plus the installation labor.

We all know Tesla did not do well in China recently. Veronica Wu, Tesla’s former China region president, has resigned last December...

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