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Foxconn Plans to Build Tesla Cars

If you have not heard of Foxconn, this is something really easy to remember: Foxconn assembles iPhone for Apple. In fact, Foxconn is also OEM suppliers for many other products. For example, the 17-inch LCD display screen in the Tesla Model S, is build by Foxconn too.

Now, Foxconn is not satisfy with just building electronic gadgets – it also want some shares in the automobile industry, which means it wants to manufacture whole cars too. More specifically speaking, electric cars.


Foxconn has been working on this for some time, here are something it has done recently:

– An investment of $814 million to building a battery factory in Shanxi province, China;
– A contract with...

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Report: Tesla Is Giving up Its Charging Standard in Chinese Market

Among the several issues which hinder electric cars becoming more popular, one is the battery capacity, another one is the battery charging problem.

In US currently there are three major charging standards. The first one is called CHAdeMO. Its full name is CHAdeMO – JEVS (Japan Electric Vehicle Standard) G105-1993. Several major automakers have implemented and used this standard, for example you can see this on the Nissan LEAF.

The second one is called “SAE J1772 Combo”, which is used by GM and BMW.

The third standard is implemented by Tesla, the one used in Tesla’s Supercharger. Currently the Model S is the only vehicle that supports this charging standard.



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Model III: The Most Affordable Tesla Vehicle

Today Tesla release information regarding their entry-level sports car, presumably aiming at competitors such as the BMW 3-sereis and Mercedes-Benz C class etc. Below are information confirmed:

– New car will be called: Model III
– 20% smaller than the Model S
– Starting around $35,000
– 200 mile range from a full charge
– Will use lithium-ion batteries

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Tesla Model X May Be Significantly Cheaper than the Model S

According to the report from PCMag, the upcoming Tesla CUV – the Model X, will possibly carry a base price of “only” $55,000, compared to Model S base price tag of $62,400 (both with the $7,500 federal tax credit taken into consideration). This is an approx. 12% price cut.

The possible lower price does not mean less quality or offering in the Model X. In fact the Model X comes with AWD as standard, so 2 electric motors in Model X vs. single electric motors in the Model S.


For the Model X, besides the pricing, what I mostly concern is whether the issues found in the Model S have been addressed, for example the lack of some “must-have” features such as illumination for the...

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Tesla Model S: Long WheelBase and AWD Are Coming

Insider news from Tesla Motors indicates there are plans in the pipeline for the hot-selling Model S: an extended wheelbase version (with extra battery capacity because of the additional space), and the all-wheel-drive option across the product line.

However, these plans comes without surprise. That is because we have already heard some customers’ complaint about the not-so-roomy rear seat legroom (considering its 116.5-in standard wheelbase), and the winter driving considerations for people live around the snowbelt areas.


These options are also welcomed in oversea markets...

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