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More Details: the Porsche 717 Pure Electric Sports Sedan

You must have known the rumor that Porsche is developing a pure electric sports car recently (we have covered this a month ago).


Above image: Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo concept

Today more information is leaked out regarding this Porsche EV, here are the summary:

– Proposed model name: Porsche 717
– 4-door body style
– Aluminum car body construction with carbon fiber structural parts
– Topological battery installation structure with 108 battery pouches
– Three trims with different levels of output: 400hp, 500hp and 600hp
– All-wheel-drive with 4-wheel steering
– Range: 300 miles
– Induction charging technology
– Production version on sale in 2019

The above preliminary...

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BAIC intends to compete in the luxury electric sedan market

Back in February this year, Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corporation (BAIC) acquired 25% equity ownership of Atieva – a lithium-ion battery manufacturer for electric cars based in Redwood City, California. BAIC currently is the largest shareholder of Atieva.

According to the agreement, Atieva will help BAIC to develop a mid-size electric luxury sedan comparable to the Audi A6L, within 3 years. If BAIC intends to enter the US market, clearly its main target will be the Tesla Model S.

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What will the automobile industry be in the next decade?

You Might Want To Think Deeper About Owning Auto Industry Stocks

If you’re currently holding on to auto industry stocks and plan on holding them for long term growth, you probably might want to think deeper about it.

For some investors, they actually prefer privately-owned rather than publicly-owned companies (which issues common stock that you can buy from your brokers). The main reasons are as follows:

1. A public company’s CEO may not have a corresponding technical background. Although one may argue that management can still get professional consultations within the company for decision making...

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