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2015 Inifiniti QX70 Will Cancel V8 Engine Option

In a company, if the product you are working on has very limited application usages, and there is also very few customer buying it, then you know sooner or later the product will be discontinued. Well, this is exactly the case for the Infiniti’s V8 QX70.

The 5.0L V8 (engine code: VK50VE) used on the QX70, is the only 5.0L V8 engine in Nissan, and it is also only used on QX70. What makes situation worse is: almost no people are buying it in the recent years. So Infiniti has made its decision that simply does not offer this engine in the 2015 model year QX70.


This leaves the 3.7L V6 engine to be the single choice for the QX70 product line...

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Production Volkswagen Golf R400 May Come with 10-speed DSG

Latest insider information indicates for the production version of the Golf R400, its engine’s torque output will exceed 332 lb-ft (450 Nm). This exceeds the design maximum torque that the current 6-speed DSG transmission on the Golf R can handle.

In our May.11 article, we report the future VW development plan. We mentioned the 10-speed DSG transmission. Today our source told us, it is the transmission that will go into the production Golf R400. By design, this new 10-speed transmission can handle torque up to 369 lb-ft (500 Nm).

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Audi Announced Facelifted Euro Market A7 and S7

Today Audi revealed the mid-cycle refreshed A7 and S7 – for the European market. However, we believe the exterior appearance will be the same for the US market.

Upfront the grill has slight changes with the headlights. The DRL shape is different and the look of the headlight is clearly optimized for LED optioned low beam and high beam lights. In the back, the taillights has style tweaks to match the front light.

Mechanical-wise, in Euro market two petrol and three diesel engines are offered, ranging from 218 hp to 333 hp (215 bhp to 328 bhp). Among these engines, the 3...

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Mercedes-Benz Is Considering the C-Class 4-Door Coupe

Apparently BMW’s market segmentation strategy (develop as many as possible model variants) in the recent years has great influences on the other two major German automakers. We got news from our source that, Mercedes-Benz is developing a 4-door coupe style new product which will be sitting between the CLA and CLS class, and it will probably base on the W205 C class platform.

We call this is the C Class Gran Coupe at this moment, but obviously when the new model is in production, Mercedes will give it a name similar to CLA and CLS. Some rumors said “CLF” is very possible. Below image is an artist rendering of the “CLF”.


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Will the Porsche Macan GTS Look Like This?

Porsche Exclusive released their modified Macan S today. This modification does not involve with mechanical changes, and is only limited to exterior and interior aesthetic improvements, including the SportDesign package.

It is believed that the future Macan GTS will look very similar to this.


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