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Facelifted 2016 Lexus ES Comes with Stiffer Body Construction

Today at the 2015 Shanghai auto show, Lexus introduced the mid-cycle refreshed 2016 model year ES sedan.


Besides the exterior styling changes, here are the highlights for the 2016 ES:

– Reinforced car body construction with higher rigidity
– A new 2.0L naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine with fuel direct-injection system will be offered in China, Russia and Taiwan
– US market will retain the 3.5L V6 engine, and also the hybrid powerplant for the ES300h model
– The ongoing 2.5L 4-cylinder engine will be offered in other markets

Please see more details in the below press release after the image gallery.

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3-Seat Volvo XC90 Version Debuted

Yes you are correct, together with the previously reported 4-seat version of the new XC90, today in the 2015 Shanghai auto show, Volvo also announced an even higher-end version: a XC90 with only 3 seats!

Volvo_XC90 _Excellence_10

While we think such variant is targeting at a niche market, it is interesting to enjoy the below interior images.

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Exclusive: More Details about the 2016 Ford Taurus

Although Ford has announced the all-new 2016 Taurus in the Shanghai auto show two days ago, it keeps some details as secret at this moment.


For example, during the debut the windows of the displayed Taurus are heavily tinted, to prevent people from seeing its interior (official images only show you part of the rear seats and also the sunroof ceiling). However, we have managed to take a photo of the cabin’s frontal area, as shown below.


From the above photo we can see the round dial on the center console as the transmission shifter, and also there is a large LCD screen on top of the audio/AC control panel. The cabin is largely wrapped with leather too.

On the mechanical ...

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All-New 2016 Ford Taurus Announced

In the evening of April 18, Beijing time, Ford announced the completely redesigned 2016 Taurus in an event before the opening of the 2015 Shanghai auto show.


The new Taurus will inherit the Ford sedan’s family face (similar to the Focus, Fusion etc.), below are what we have known for the new Taurus:

– Total length: 4996mm (196.7in)
– Wheelbase: 2949mm (116.1in)
– 2.7L twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine
– Powershift double-clutch transmission
– Shares the same suspension design with the Ford Fusion

Before checking out the press release at the end of this article, please enjoy our live photos taken freshly from Shanghai, China.

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2016 Mercedes-Benz LWB C350e Unveiled

In this Janurary’s Detroit auto show, Mercedes-Benz showed us the W205 C350e plug-in hybrid. Today in the 2015 Shanghai auto show, Mercedes debuted the long-wheelbase version of the C350e, which is named “C350eL”.


The LWB C350e stretched another 80mm (~3.2 in) on top of the standard W205 C350e’s 111.8in wheelbase, making the total wheelbase to be 115 in. This is much longer than the current W212 E Class (wheelbase: 113.1 in), and make it almost eligible to knock at the door of the full-size luxury sedan camp.

The C350eL’s powerplant is identical to the standard C350e, which includes a 2...

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