Exclusive: More Details about the 2016 Ford Taurus

Although Ford has announced the all-new 2016 Taurus in the Shanghai auto show two days ago, it keeps some details as secret at this moment.


For example, during the debut the windows of the displayed Taurus are heavily tinted, to prevent people from seeing its interior (official images only show you part of the rear seats and also the sunroof ceiling). However, we have managed to take a photo of the cabin’s frontal area, as shown below.


From the above photo we can see the round dial on the center console as the transmission shifter, and also there is a large LCD screen on top of the audio/AC control panel. The cabin is largely wrapped with leather too.

On the mechanical aspect, we saw the rear suspension construction (see below photo we took on the scene), and we confirm that the Taurus suspension system design is directly borrowed from the Ford Fusion: the front is McPherson strut type and the rear is the aluminum-made H-arm multi-link.


Below are a summary of the new Taurus:

– Total length: 4996mm (196.7in)
– Wheelbase: 2949mm (116.1in)
– 2.7L twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine
– Powershift double-clutch transmission, round dial shifter
– Shares the same suspension design with the Ford Fusion

Please enjoy our other live photos from today’s 2015 Shanghai auto show.

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