Breaking: Lexus Will Start US Production by Year End

Maybe not known to all: currently Lexus has a total of 6 Japanese domestic plants, and only one oversea factory which is located in Ontario, Canada (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, Inc.), which builds the Lexus RX CUV.


However, Lexus will soon add one more oversea factory inside the United States: the 2016 ES sedan sold in the US market will be built in Toyota’s Georgetown, Kentucky plant.

This not only marks the first time that the ES sedan is built outside of Japan, but also the first time that Lexus is making a car inside the US.

But please do not be confused that, the ES sedan sold in the rest of the world will still be built in Toyota’s Miyata plant, located in Miyawaka, Fukuoka.

We have a previous article telling you the updates in the 2016 model year. Below is the exterior comparison between the per-facelifted and the mid-cycle refreshed ES sedan.

This is the 2013 ES350:


This is the 2016 ES350:


Below are official images of the 2016 Lexus ES sedan.

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