2015 Lexus RC and NX Got Excellent Result in IIHS Crash Tests

2015 Lexus RC & NX: IIHS Crash Test

If you’ve paid attention to the IIHS crash test data (which you can find in the “Technical Measurements” tab, under each model’s test category, on the IIHS official webpage), then you may have an impression that, compared to its German luxury car competitors, Lexus usually has inferior crash test results.


For example for the moderate overlap front test, when measuring the footwell intrusion, the current GS sedan has structure deformation around 6-9 cm; but for the Mercedes-Benz E class, BMW 5-series, Audi A6, they all have those numbers in the 1-2 cm league, which means in the crash test, the Lexus GS has more severe deformation in its safety cage, while its German competitors has almost no deformation at all. The same applies to the roof strength, side impact test and also the small overlap crash test.

In the past, although Lexus vehicles were luxury, have high ride quality and reliable, their car body were indeed not so solid compared to the German luxury cars. From my point of view, this is the only major shortcoming of the Lexus brand previously.

But Lexus is finally catching up. Starting from the 3rd-generation IS sedan, new Lexus models have much better and even the best in the industry when it comes to body solidness. This is especially true for the latest two new models: the RC coupe and the NX CUV.

For the RC Coupe, in the small overlap crash test you can see the safety cage withstands all the impact force, and there is no obvious movement or deformation to its A-pillar; the roof strength is close to 20,000 lbs, a very good result; but the most astonishing fact is its side impact test result, which reaches -26cm: this is the best result I have ever seen in all previous IIHS tests! You can see the below IIHS images to get an idea how well the RC coupe can protect its occupant during the crash. You can also see the original IIHS test results here.

The NX CUV follows the same pattern, which very strong car body, easily passed and get good results in all testing categories. You can see from the below images of its strong safety cage (with minimal deformation during the test). IIHS test details is here.

So it looks like Lexus is starting to put out a big challenge to its rivals again, just like how it did in 1989 when the first Lexus LS was announced.


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