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2015 Lexus RC and NX Got Excellent Result in IIHS Crash Tests

2015 Lexus RC & NX: IIHS Crash Test

If you’ve paid attention to the IIHS crash test data (which you can find in the “Technical Measurements” tab, under each model’s test category, on the IIHS official webpage), then you may have an impression that, compared to its German luxury car competitors, Lexus usually has inferior crash test results.


For example for the moderate overlap front test, when measuring the footwell intrusion, the current GS sedan has structure deformation around 6-9 cm; but for the Mercedes-Benz E class, BMW 5-series, Audi A6, they all have those numbers in the 1-2 cm league, which means in the crash test, the Lexus GS has more severe deformation in its...

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Will Lexus Produce the NX-F?

The brand new Lexus NX

The completely brand new Lexus NX crossover hasn’t arrived in the dealership showrooms yet but we at wanted to show you anyways since it’s a slick looking vehicle. We all know there are two trims that will be offered in the US market: the turbocharged NX200t and the hybrid NX300h.


Will there be an F-Version?

Ready for more interesting news today?  The NX’s chief engineer recently hinted the possibility of a high performance F-version of the NX CUV...

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Exhaust Pipes: Ugly vs. Beautiful

If you have been paying attention to the exhaust pipes underneath each car, you may find that some of them are very visible and looks like they are just hanging loosely. For example take a look at the below photo of the 2015 Lexus NX300h, you can clearly see how the single pipe is located in the underbody, going through the rear suspension arms and finally reach the exhaust tips.


On the other hand, some cars conceal the pipes gracefully as you can barely see them even you kneel down to take a close look (you can only see the exhaust tips under the rear bumper). A typical example is the 2015 Audi Q3 as shown below.


So here comes the real question: for cars that have t...

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2015 Lexus NX US Pricing Released

Today Lexus released the pricing for its all-new NX CUV. Below are the details:

NX 200t FWD: $35,405
NX 200t AWD: $36,805

NX 300h FWD: $40,645
NX 300h AWD: $42,235

Standard features: backup camera, power adjustable seats, NuLuxe upholstery, 17-in wheels.


Premium package ($2,670 – NX 200t; $2,890 – NX 300h): memory driver seat, heated and ventilated seats, moonroof, upgraded lightings, 18-inch wheels

Luxury package ($4,505 – NX 200t; $4,885 – NX 300h): all options in the premium package, plus: heated steering wheel, rain-sensing wipers, power liftgate, leather interior, wood trim

Individual options: navigation, blind-spot monitor, pre-collision system

On sale date: Nov...

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Gallery: The 2015 Lexus NX200t FSport

Lexus showed a blue-color 2015 NX200t FSport at the Orange County Auto Show the past weekend.


Some observations:

1. Both front seats and the 2nd-row seat has plenty of legroom, the RX owners probably won’t feel it to be cramped
2. Lots of cargo space, which suggests Lexus may want to use the NX to replace the RX, and the RX will be upgraded to compete in SUV with 3-row seating;
3. Interior materials and build quality is first-class, with leather wrapped and fine stitching dashboard, plus the center console and armrest
4. LED headlights are fantastic
5. Exhaust tips looks quite sporty

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