Cadillac Has New Nomenclature, Flagship Sedan to be Named CT6

Today Cadillac announced its new plan for naming its product line. The rule is quite simple: all of its current and future vehicles will be name in the format of  “CT[x]” (here x = a number starts at integer “1”, higher value means higher market position of the car).

For example, previously rumor said the upcoming Cadillac full-size sedan’s name will be “LTS”, now its official name is “CT6”. Below is a spy shot of the Cadillac CT6 full-size luxury sedan.


You may recall recently there is another brand also has this dramatic change of nomenclature, yes you are right, the Infiniti. You may also has a feeling that this is a similar strategy – yes you are right again.

Johan de Nysschen, the guy who previously work for Audi USA, later became the CEO of Infiniti brand. During his tenure at Infiniti, he changed the whole Infiniti product line’s name (Q[xx] for cars, QX[xx] for SUVs). Now Mr. de Nysschen jumped to GM as an Executive Vice President and he is also the president at the Cadillac brand. After he arrived in GM, these are two major things he have done by far:

1. Separated Cadillac from GM, as an independent business unit; and relocated the Cadillac headquarter to the New York city;
2. New nomenclature for the whole Cadillac brand (the “CT” format thing)

While we are not sure the effectiveness of Mr. de Nysschen’s “letter + number” strategy (at least for Infiniti), we do wish good luck for his work at Cadillac.

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