Test Drive Review: 2014 Acura RDX – Part 3 (Interior – Gauges/Seats/Capacity)

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2014 Acura RDX – Part 3 (Interior – Gauges/Seats/Capacity)
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2014 Acura RDX – Part 5 (Suspension and Chassis)

In this section, we will continue to review the interior features of the RDX.

The gauges are simple, if you just look at it you won’t tell the difference between it and a Honda-branded vehicle. However it is practical and considering the RDX’s price, it is reasonable too.


This is the layout overview of the dash. Frankly speaking, it cannot distinguish itself from some cars bearing the Honda badge. However, considering the MSRP, and pay attention to the high quality materials that wraps the panels, we cannot blame it too much.


Engine push-start is standard, Acura uses a red button to remind you the brand’s sports tradition.


The RDX comes with the garage remote as standard feature, this is really useful for people who have a garage.


The technology package also brings us the Acura/ELS Surround Sound System. You can find a 8-inch subwoofer on the trunk’s passenger-side area.


And, also two rear surround units hanging on the C-pillar of each side.


To operation to fold down the second row is quite easy: pulling the handle on each side will automatically fold down the seat on the corresponding side.


Here is the trunk, it is big enough to fit an infant jogger, plus a diaper bag and several grocery bags.


Acura really pay attention to some small details. For example the under side of the seats are properly sealed, you will not see any dangling wires or small electric units/motors under the seat. For your comparison, I put the photo on the same spot of the Mercedes GL450 for your reference.


This is how the Mercedes GL450 looks for the same place.


Talking about the details, even the carpet provide a superb effect, it blends in the whole interior atmosphere pretty seamlessly.


For me as a driver, I really like this broad center armrest, and the leather on top of it has very pleasant touch feel.


In the next section, we are going to take a look at the RDX’s powertrain and performance.

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