Test Drive Review: 2014 Acura RDX – Part 2 (Interior)

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2014 Acura RDX – Part 2 (Interior)
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In this section we will examine RDX’s interior and related features.

The most of the interior cabin areas are covered with either soft-touch plastic material, or leather.


The leather is high quality, it has a more natural touch feel than the MB-Tex synthetic leather found in our previous GL450 test car. On the sitting surface, the leather is perforated, which can help to keep you cool during summer time.


The front door’s interior trim is cover with large area of high quality leather, which provides more luxury feel than the Mercedes GL450.


For your reference, here is the door interior panel from the Mercedes GL450:



The seating space is similar to a mid-size sedan, but provide you a obviously higher sitting position.


The driver seat has generous legroom, with ample range of adjustments. You will not feel you are “hugging” the steering wheel even if you are a tall person.


Since our test car comes with the technology package, which brings extra buttons to the center console. When you are sitting in the car for the first time, you may have an overwhelming feeling for the controls. But do not feel annoyed by the user interface, because it is easy to get familiar with and is intuitive.


The control panel/buttons are made of high quality plastic, the small LCD screen below the navigation display is sharp and easy to read.


Although the navigation screen does not has the best resolution in the class, the image is clear and characters are big enough to be read.


In the next section we will continue to review the RDX’s interior features.

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