2015 BMW M3 and M4 online builder is up on BMW website

Two days ago we told you the prices and options of the new 2015 M3 and M4. Today you can build your favorite M3 or M4 on the BMWUSA.com official website.

Want to negotiate and grab one from your local BMW dealerships? This M3/M4 price guide can help you.

For the $8,150 carbon ceramic brakes (CCB), compared to the price of M3/M4, it is steep. But if we compare it to other similar aftermarket products in the market, you will find this OEM one is quite reasonable. For example a set of 380mm Brembo GT Big Brake Kit costs you around $7,850, and this even does not include installation. Another good news: CCB brakes has another advantage in addition to its superior performance. The CCB life span is longer than traditional brakes (brake pad has around 2.5 times longer life, and the rotor has 4 times longer life too, under normal driving conditions). I know BMW has the free maintenance plan for 4 years/50k miles, so you won’t need to worry about replacing the brake pads/rotors. But if you plan to keep the car for a longer time, the CCB option may be a good choice, financially speaking.


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