Lexus IS with rear wheel steering?

When talking about “four-wheel steering” (the rear wheels can also turn a small degree of angel during cornering), your first thought may be the Lexus GS.

For the US market, it looks like currently the GS is the only model that has this feature. But in fact, Lexus provides its domestic market some special treatments. For example now the JDM Lexus IS is also equipping this feature – with the same four wheel steering system, dubbed as the Dynamic Handling System.

Australian folks are pushing the Japanese headquarters for this benefit too – they want the Aussie IS model has this on their ordering option list. But it seems they are facing some headwinds now, since this option is definitely not cheap.  It will be quite interesting to watch the scenario that when a full loaded IS’s price touches the GS territory, which one will most buyers select.

By the way, it is not the first time a Japanese domestic market Lexus model has some special upgrades that other markets do not have. For example last year a special Dynamic Sports Tuning edition of IS-F, are upgraded with a 424hp 5.0 V8 engine, with special adhesive bonding which improved the car body structural rigidity by more than 10%.

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