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Report: Lexus IS-F End of Production

On July 25th, the last unit of the Lexus IS-F rolled off its assembly line at the Lexus Tahara plant.

During its 7-year life span, approximately 12,000 units are build. Currently there is no successor model planned for the new generation of IS series. However with the brand’s ambitious V8 engine plans, and also upcoming new F-variant models, I believe the IS-F will be revived for the new IS sedan.


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Report: The Future Lexus V8 Engine Plan

As we are approaching the market release date of the completely-new Lexus RC-F, speculations of how Lexus will do for its V8 engines in the next few year starts to emerge.

As we know the 5.0L V8 engine in the RC-F is based on the firm’s 2UR-GSE V8, which is currently used in the IS-F, but with significant modification and enhancement to push maximum output way more than the 450 hp mark.

At the same time, Lexus’ flagship sedan: the LS460, although with many impressive features, it lag behind its German rivals, such the Mercedes-Benz S550, the BMW 750i, the Audi A8, in engine output. The LS460’s 1UR-FSE 4...

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Lexus IS with rear wheel steering?

When talking about “four-wheel steering” (the rear wheels can also turn a small degree of angel during cornering), your first thought may be the Lexus GS.

For the US market, it looks like currently the GS is the only model that has this feature. But in fact, Lexus provides its domestic market some special treatments. For example now the JDM Lexus IS is also equipping this feature – with the same four wheel steering system, dubbed as the Dynamic Handling System.

Australian folks are pushing the Japanese headquarters for this benefit too – they want the Aussie IS model has this on their ordering option list...

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