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New Mercedes-Benz AMG Sport Models Heading to 2015 Detroit Auto Show

Mercedes-Benz C450 Debut

If you have been following our blog recently, you may have already heard that Mercedes-Benz will debut the C450 AMG Sport soon.


Today, Mercedes-Benz announced that they will not only bring in the C450, but also the AMG Sport model of the upcoming MLC CUV (a competitor of the BMW X6). You can see how they look like in the above teaser photo.

Please note that “AMG Sport” does not mean the Mercedes AMG models such as the C63 AMG. It is something similar to the BMW M Performance product line, such as the M235i.

See the below press release for more details.

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– Growth strategy aim...

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Mercedes-Benz Will Introduce AMG Sport Models

Just like BMW is making the M Performance models such as the M235i, Mercedes-Benz is also considering something lower than the AMG badge, but higher than “normal” models.

“AMG Sport” is Mercedes’ answer to BMW’s M Performance. According to our insider, the first AMG Sport product will be the upcoming C450 AMG Sport, which we have been talked about here, here a while ago (we even provide you a rough price estimate of the C450 in this post!).

The AMG Sport product line will definitely not limited to the C450, it will also be extended to the A/E/S/GLA/ML/GL-Class vehicles.

We will see the announcement of the C450 AMG Sport some time next year...

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