Exclusive: 2015 Mercedes-Benz W205 C450 Price Leaked

Today we got the unofficial price for many trims of the redesigned 2015 C-Class (W205). Unfortunately it is for China market only, but we can still get a brief idea of how Mercedes-Benz is going to price their latest compact sports sedan. From the leaked pricing info, it is also the first time we get the more details and confirmation that the C450 will also be made, and long-wheel-base version will be offered on all trims.


Pricing info (in RMB. 1 USD = 6.21558122 RMB):

2015 Mercedes-Benz C Class (W205)
C180L:    313,000
C200L:    339,000
C260L:    372,000
C300L:    445,000
C400L:    528,000
C450L:    627,000

For your reference, below is the 2014 C-Class (W204) MSRP (in RMB):
C180 Classic Grand Edition:    315,000
C260 Elegance Grand Edition:    358,000
C260 Avantgarde Grand Edition:    393,000
C300 Sport Grand Edition:    468,000

From the above China market pricing, we can see the 2015 C400 is 13% more expensive than the 2014 C300, and the C450 is 34% more expensive. We can use this ratio as a rough estimate of how Mercedes will price the 2015 C Class in US market.

Note: the W205 C class is already for sale througout the European markets, you can also get official pricing information by going to Mercedes-Benz’s contry specific websites (for example: mercedes-benz.co.uk)

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