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Latest Insider Information: Ferarri 458 Successor, FF and F12berlinetta

The current Ferrari 458, FF and F12berlinetta are due for a redesign or mid-cycle update very soon, today we got some internal news from our source. Below are the details:

Ferarri 458 Successor

– Twin-turbo V8; there will be no electric turbochargers, just normal turbo units
– Power delivery will mimic naturally aspirated engine with regard to how the power output climbs
– there will be functional side vents for cooling on each side of the car body
– Weights less than the current 458 Italia
– New steering system design and updated transmission control software for faster shifts
– The new car will runs quieter than the current 458


Ferarri FF Mid-Cycle Update

– US market o...

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Automobile Suspension Design 101 (Part V): H-Arm Suspension

In this section, we will take a look at the last type of automobile suspension, which is usually used for rear wheels.

In the H-arm system, one end of the arm is connecting to two locations of the car body; another end connects to two locations of the wheel hub. The H-arm alone can limit 4 degrees of freedom, so it need another horizontal control arm to limit one more degree to make the whole system with 1 degree of freedom.

However the above design has non-optimal wheel movement trajectory, most automaker will not use such design without modifications...

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A New Round of Horsepower Competition

Eight years earlier, cars sold under the $35k mark seldom get a 300hp+ engine (with exceptions like the 2005
Mustang GT), not to mention whether it was possible to get a 300hp+ luxury car at that time. Even though the
Mustang GT gets a 300hp V8 engine which is considered “high output” at that time, it sacrifices refinement
and interior material qualities and lots of other features.

But in the end of 2005, after Lexus released the 2GR-FSE engine, which was used in the 2006 IS350, the
situation is permanently changed. Equipped with the dual-injection-system 2GR-FSE engine, The IS350 has
306hp and carries a MSRP of $35,440 and its invoice price is $31,186 (for many peopl...

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Facelifted Ferrari 458 Italia Will Go Turbocharged

We got latest news regarding the facelifted Ferrari 458 will be using a 3.8L turbocharged V8 engine, which will be introduced sometime next year. Ferrari is also changing its name to be 458M or 458T.

The 3.8L turbo V8 is based on the same engine that is used on the latest Maserati Quattroporte (M156, 2013 – present) GTS. But its output will be tuned to be around 670bhp (679 hp), up from current 458’s 570hp generated from a 4.5L displacement naturally aspirated V8 engine. That is a 109 hp jump for the new model.


The current output of the 3...

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The Most Expensive Car in the World

If you consider the Bugatti Veyron to be very expensive, the price of the following car will make you think this is ridiculous.

The latest transaction price of the 1962 -1964 Ferrari 250 GTO, reached $52 million. That is 20 times of the base Bugatti Veyron’s MSRP.


Many of you may not know, 50 years earlier Ferrari cars do not hold value, that’s because at that time Ferrari owners generally did not care about the car and did not maitain it well. Ferrari only build 39 units of the 250 GTO during the 60s, it was sold MSRP $18,500 as a new car in 1962 – 1964; it depreciated quickly to $10,500 as a second-hand car in 1965...

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