Facelifted Ferrari 458 Italia Will Go Turbocharged

We got latest news regarding the facelifted Ferrari 458 will be using a 3.8L turbocharged V8 engine, which will be introduced sometime next year. Ferrari is also changing its name to be 458M or 458T.

The 3.8L turbo V8 is based on the same engine that is used on the latest Maserati Quattroporte (M156, 2013 – present) GTS. But its output will be tuned to be around 670bhp (679 hp), up from current 458’s 570hp generated from a 4.5L displacement naturally aspirated V8 engine. That is a 109 hp jump for the new model.


The current output of the 3.8L turbo V8 on the Maserati Quattroporte GTS is 530hp, we believe there are several significant mechanical enhancements to be made on it to crank another 149 hp out from the “small” 3.8L displacement. Below is the image of the 3.8L turbo V8 engine.


The new turbocharged 458 will pose a serious threat for the Lamborghini Gallardo (which uses a long-stroke naturally aspirated 5.2L V10, with 543 hp output), because that engine is hard to break the 630hp mark if it does not go with the turbocharged route.

Although Ferrari may finally give up the naturally aspirated V8, we believe it will still keep the naturally aspirated V12 (the one used in the F12Berlinetta).

By the way, although I know most of the Ferrari buyers won’t care, in case some of you want to let your investment run a little bit longer and healthier, here is something you might want to pay attention to: do NOT put high sulfur content gasoline into your Ferrari. Basically speaking, the best way is to import gasoline directly from Europe if you want to keep your Ferrari for a long time.

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