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Lexus NX200t Turbo Engine to Get High Output Version?

The upcoming 2015 Lexus NX200t is equipped with the first turbocharged engine within the whole Lexus history. This engine has the Toyota internal code name “8AR-FTS”.

The 8AR-FTS has an 2.0L displacement with an open-deck, midi-skirt type aluminum cylinder block. It also has a fully balanced forged steel crankshaft, cast-in iron cylinder liners.


On the Lexus NX200t, the turbocharged 8AR-FTS makes 235 hp at 5,600 rpm with 258 lb-ft of torque available from 1,650-4,000 rpm. On the paper this engine sounds just like a normal modern 4-cylinder turbo engine, which has similar performance (2...

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2016 BMW Will Introduce 330i/430i and 340i/440i Models

We get the latest news for the BMW F3x models. Starting from the 2016 model year, the current N20 4-cylinder turbo engine will be replaced by the newly designed B48 engine; and the award-wining N55 turbo-6, will be upgraded to the B58 engine.

Therefore, the current N20-equipped models (328i/428i) will be renamed 330i and 430i. The N55-equipped cars (335i/435i) will be designated as 340i/440i.

This is not just a name change, according to our insider source, those two engines will be at least 10% more powerful than their predecessors. More specifically, the 330i/430i will be around 270ps; the 340i/440i will be approx. 330-340ps (depends on options chosen).


Instead of using...

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The Plastic Trend in the Automobile Industry

Nowadays, plastic is not something unfamiliar in our daily commute cars. We see them in the interior trims, body panels, cowls and even some brackets inside the engine compartment.

Previously we can never think of using plastics in some critical parts which are subject to high loads, excessive heat and demanding stress. But the usage of engineering plastics continues to expand in the auto industry.

One example is the BMW N20 4-cylider turbo engine. For some F30 3-series, the N20 engine comes with a plastic engine oil pan, as shown in the below image. The engine oil pan seals the underside of the engine and holds all of its lubrication oil.


Recently Mercedes-Benz go anoth...

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