2016 BMW Will Introduce 330i/430i and 340i/440i Models

We get the latest news for the BMW F3x models. Starting from the 2016 model year, the current N20 4-cylinder turbo engine will be replaced by the newly designed B48 engine; and the award-wining N55 turbo-6, will be upgraded to the B58 engine.

Therefore, the current N20-equipped models (328i/428i) will be renamed 330i and 430i. The N55-equipped cars (335i/435i) will be designated as 340i/440i.

This is not just a name change, according to our insider source, those two engines will be at least 10% more powerful than their predecessors. More specifically, the 330i/430i will be around 270ps; the 340i/440i will be approx. 330-340ps (depends on options chosen).


Instead of using a single twin-scroll turbocharger in the N55, the completely-new B58 6-cylinder engine will use two turbochargers.

This left us one interesting questions: what engine will the M2 use? Current rumor is it is using a revised version of the N55 engine (N55B30T0); but since the B58 will be in production by the time M2 is released, it will be quite strange that BMW does not put the more advanced engine in the M car.

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