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More Details: All-New BMW B58 Engine in the 2016 340i

Along with the face-lifted 2016 3 series, BMW has also released one image of the new-designed B58 6 cylinder turbocharged engine, which is used on the upcoming 340i (replacing the 335i).


From the below image depicting the left-hand-side of the engine, we get the below two conclusions about the B58 engine:


1. It is using a single turbocharger, a similar design as the current N55 engine; the turbocharger will be a twin-scroll type;
2. The exhaust manifold is not integrated into the cylinder head; instead it is bolted onto the engine.

Please do not be disappointed about BMW’s decision of keeping the single turbocharger design in the new B58 engine, for such output level (a...

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BMW 340i Is Coming This July

BMW 340i En Route

We all know the current 2015 Mercedes-Benz C400 sedan has 329hp, and the Audi S4 also comes with 333hp, this naturally puts the current BMW 335i into a disadvantaged position when speaking of the engine output, which is “only” rated at 300hp.


We have already reported six months ago that BMW is going to fix this by introducing the 340i model. The 340i will utilize a new-design inline-6 turbocharged engine, code name “B58”, to replace the current N55 engine in the 335i.

Well, today we found out some more info on the BMW 340i:

1. Engine output for the 340i will be: 320hp and 320lb-ft of torque;
2. ZF 8-speed automatic transmission is carried over;

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2016 BMW Will Introduce 330i/430i and 340i/440i Models

We get the latest news for the BMW F3x models. Starting from the 2016 model year, the current N20 4-cylinder turbo engine will be replaced by the newly designed B48 engine; and the award-wining N55 turbo-6, will be upgraded to the B58 engine.

Therefore, the current N20-equipped models (328i/428i) will be renamed 330i and 430i. The N55-equipped cars (335i/435i) will be designated as 340i/440i.

This is not just a name change, according to our insider source, those two engines will be at least 10% more powerful than their predecessors. More specifically, the 330i/430i will be around 270ps; the 340i/440i will be approx. 330-340ps (depends on options chosen).


Instead of using...

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