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Aston Martin is invading the 5-digit-price car market

Ever think of owning an Aston Martin for less than $100k? Now your dream come true.

In this weekend’s 2014 New York auto show, Aston Martin will unveil the 2015 Vantage GT, which comes with a 430hp, 361 lb-ft of torque 4.7L V8 engine. This engine has special valvetrain which will open additional intake valves when the engine rpm is over 3500. Two transmission options: 6MT or 7-speed DCT. Estimated 0-60mph costs 4.6 seconds, top speed is 190mph. Customer can choose either a coupe version or a roadster body style.


The best news: this British luxury vehicle only asks for $99,900 (not including delivery charge)...

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List: Cars whose engine and transmission are not bolted together

Nowadays, cars usually have their engine bolted to transmission together directly, because it is easy to implement and saves costs. For some sports cars which seek to have a better weight distribution, the engine and transmission are located in different section of the car body, therefore requires an extra solid torque tube to connect them. This is an exotic design, for example, the below image shows the LFA’s torque tube.


But please do not misunderstand that this is a requirement for a good sports car...

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