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Official Images: The Aston Martin Lagonda Sedan

The Middle-East-market-only Aston Martin Lagonda sedan will be limited to less than 100 units. Following last week’s first official photo image, Aston Martin has released more images of the Lagonda prototype, please enjoy the below gallery. The Lagonda will be powered by a twin-turbocharged 6.0L V12 engine, paired to a ZF-sourced 8-speed automatic transmission.


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The Exotic Sedan You Cannot Buy: The Aston Martin Lagonda

Besides some cars that are too expensive for your budge, there are some cars which is impossible for you to purchase, even you have that kind of money. One example of the later case is the upcoming Aston Martin Lagonda.

The Lagonda is a limited edition, builds on Aston Martin’s VH platform (the same as the Rapide). This car will be sold exclusively to some wealthy people in the Middle East region.

No specification is available or confirmed officially, there is also no information about the pricing (that’s OK, since you can’t buy it anyway, why bother with the price). The information only available is an official released image of the exotic sedan, as shown below.



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Aston Martin Announced 2013 Full Year Result

Here is the highlight:

– Revenue increased 13% to GBP 519 million;
– Full year adjusted EBITDA up 22% to GBP 84.8 million;
– Global retail volumes increased 11% to around 4,200 units.

However, we cannot declare Aston Martin is making progress financially. This is because revenue and EBITDA tell us nothing about the financial health of a company.

Revenue just informs you how many money they will suppose to collect for selling their inventory; we do not know the cost of making the goods.

EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) is just telling you what money the company has, before lenders collect their interests/principles, government collect...

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A brief financial analysis of Aston Martin

Today news emerged from internet that Aston Martin is filing petition that to exempt its Vantage and DB9 models from the new NHTSA side crash safety standards. Its reasons are in two aspects: 1. the company does not have money to make modifications to those two models; 2. very few of those models will be sold in US in the next several years.

In the documents Aston Martin submitted to the government, which can be publicly viewed online, I have the following interesting findings.

1. For 2012, Aston Martin’s gross profit margin is 32.12% (148,138/461,237). This ratio measures the profit margin that without considering the selling/distribution/administrative/R&D expenses.


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Why Aston Martin sells a $99,900 car is a big deal

Yesterday we reported Aston Martin makes an astonishing decision to sell the 2015 Vantage GT for less than $100k.

Some news are claiming this to be a good deal. But we say, this is actually a big deal. We do not mean whether you should go and buy one, instead we view this incident from other aspects.

To US market Vantage GT is identical to the European market Vantage N430 special edition. In UK, the base Vantage’s MSRP is GBP 84,995; and the N430 is selling for GBP 89,995. The base Vantage V8 MSRP in US starts from $122,400. So how come the better equipped GT trim is now selling for significantly less money in the US market?

Financially speaking, there are usually two rea...

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