Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Nighthawk

Phantom Drophead Coupe Nighthawk  Interior Gets Showered in Carbon Fiber

When talking about Rolls-Royce cars, the first impression that most people will come to is that all Rolls-Royce are ultra-luxury automobiles with leather-wrapped interior with extensive wood trim decorations. This is exactly true for most of the Rolls-Royce products. But today comes an exception to the rule: the Phantom Drophead Coupe Nighthawk Edition, exclusively for the US market, which many interior portions are covered with carbon fiber.


More specifically speaking, the door panels, dashboard and steering wheel spokes are covered with carbon fiber panels. The Phantom Drophead Coupe Nighthawk Edition interior is in a two-tone color scheme: Hotspur Red and black leather all around the cabin.

Not a fan of carbon fiber in the cabin? Don’t worry, Rolls-Royce does not plan to sell many of these vehicles: in fact, the Nighthawk is a limited edition with a total of 9 units planned.


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