F015: Mercedes-Benz Debuts Electric Self-Driving Concept Car

Mercedes-Benz Self Driving Concept: The F015


This year at the 2015 Las Vegas CES, there are several topics about cars: the fuel cell technologies by Toyota, the connected car from BMW and the self-driving concept car from Mercedes-Benz.



In the press conference about 5 hours ago, Dr. Dieter Zetsche, chairman of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz named this self-driving prototype as “F015”.

The F015 concept maximizes cabin space by pushing the wheels forward and backward respectively. And it also let its passengers “connected” to the outside by installing a total of 6 high-resolution LCD touchscreen in the cabin.


The exterior of the F015 seems to not be made with steel – because it’s not as cold as a metal, so I guess it must be made of plastic or something similar to that.

The F015 rides on four wheels with the tire size of 195/40R26, which means a very narrow tire (just 195mm wide) with very large rim diameter (26-inch).


Mercedes-Benz hides the underside of the F015 very well, and from the photos I have taken, besides some vents being visible, you can’t even see what type of suspension it has.


From the interview with Dr. Zetsche, he mentioned that Mercedes-Benz will put the self-driving cars in mass production within a decade. Although we will not see it very soon, at least it is something we can definitely see within our life.


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